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Member - Abiogenesis (Band who writes own material)

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Abiogenesis Raw Powered Delhi Concert

Date added: 15th July 2013


Abiogenesis will be performing at New Delhi on 16th August 3 from 7pm to 8pm at Azad Bhawan Auditorium. Free entry but children up to 8 years are not allowed.
Organised by Indian Council For Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India.
Unigue features of Abiogenesis:
Howeymusic evolved by the band which is a fusion of Naga folk with modern music.
Bamhum- a new bamboo wind musical instrument invented by a band member.
Music listed for nominations in the Grammys.
Each song has a story and Arenla narrates them between each sets.

Abiogenesis new album \'Legacy Of The Mountain\' released worldwide

Date added: 14th October 2012


‘ Legacy Of The Mountains’ Abiogenesis fourth album has been released worldwide through APH Records, an Indie Label in collaboration Mondo Tune and will be sold at more than 750 digital distribution/ retailers.
Legacy of the Mountains contains seven original melodic compositions with all songs played on six strings acoustic guitar and the solo parts played by the Bamhum. This album has made the band delved deeper into their brand of Howeymusic, a combination of Naga folk tunes with modern music, Bamhum to a new high, Arenla’s powerful voice with ethnic & folk flavour, acoustic guitar played with an ethnic touch and feel, tribal rhythms and beats. The band has penned the lyrics with strong messages on social causes and present relevant issues with songs like ‘Time For A Change’, ‘Wake Up Call’, ‘In The Name Of’ etc. ‘World Beneath The Rainbow’ is the title song for their upcoming feature film to be made later this year. There are three instrumental pieces with the bamhum soulfully expressing and describing of the Hornbill festival in ‘Voices Of Kisama’, Naga villages in ‘Stroll In The Village’ and flora and fauna of the forest in ‘ Alone In The Wilderness’. The band said that all offers for live shows were turned down from January this year except the World Music Day performance at Goa on 21st June 12 as the band wanted to fully concentrate on the making, recording and mastering of the album at their Soul Speak Studio in Dimapur for four tiring but enjoyable months from April to July. CDs of Legacy of the Mountains will be available at select retail stores or order online. Their music is also available for purchase to download the songs or the whole album from the internet.

Amazon Link:

or search google : Abiogenesis Legacy Of The Mountains


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