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03 Aug 2009
12 Aug 2009


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iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: British Hip Hop

Wondezee musical journey started at the age of around 15/16 when he formed a group called yungunz. Yungunz were one of Luton’s first musical dj and mc’s performances, alongside code black another urban group in the 3 counties.
Yungunz secured regular slots on the towns local radio stations and played in most of the local night clubs in and around Bedfordshire.
A year later the yungunz split up and wonder continue his musical journey and secured a slot as a resident mc in the town’s favourite venue (bar aqua) alongside roller mc. The two became the most talked about duo not to mention that they were also in charge of the clubs massive ukg scene, which saw the like of dj mike- ruff- cut – Lloyd, Jason Kane, hyper hyper, dj ez, Norris da boss windross, and blessed with the vocal talents of psg, Charlie brown, sparks and kie, mc dappa and many more names arrived in the town.
Sadly bar aqua closed down after 2-3 glorious years of being opened, and mc wonder musical journey seemed like it was coming to an end. Along came ddp (dirtydogpromotions)
Dirtydogpromotions were a UK promotions company who supplied artists’ around the UK, they also held there own events and had there own Distribution Company which also printed flyers for various night clubs.
Mc wonder’s musical journey took a big turn when he teamed up with ddp, and had his first event at the penthouse in Hitchin alongside ddp’s resident dj skizza. Shortly after that event in Hitchin the pair became ddp’s front line men (performers) performing in venues all over the UK, such as papaganda (London wardour street), cobarna (Stevenage) Hatfield, Luton, silk city fm (Birmingham) music in the park {flit wick). Northampton alongside pay as you go, and many more venues.