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23 Aug 2011
05 Sep 2018


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Deian Mountbatten

iZMO: Classical & Theatre
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This website is for all who love me, not for those who don't. If you don't like me then please do not read on. If you are criminal accomplices like the German GEMA or the PRS for Music in London who allow stupid entertainment gypsies to steal my unique original works of music and loot my royalty accounts then feel free to go to hell, because those PRS for Music criminal perpetrators are up against me, those PRS for Music criminal perpetrators are up against God and all Angels, those PRS for Music criminal perpetrators are up against this beautiful planet Earth, those PRS for Music criminal perpetrators are up against this Solar system, those PRS for Music criminal perpetrators are up against the whole Universe.

Step up and see: I am Deian Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas George Mountbatten, the alchemist of peace and truth. My 1rst Christian name Deian means the soul of God. My enemies: war and evil. I was born on 19th November 1965 at 10.20 AM GMT in the Castle of Mey, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 8XH, Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain, although officially handled to have been born that very same day 19.11.1965 at 10.20 PM in Paracin, Serbia, former Yugoslavia, on my beautiful round planet Earth, the third planet from the Sun in the Solar system, north of the Milky Way galaxy, in God's universe. I am a white blue-eyed blonde man, 182.5 cm tall in shoes or boots, and exactly 181 cm tall barefoot, my weight since my 18th birthday has been constant at around 74-79 kg (ca. 12-13 Stone). 

I am a professional full-time self-employed music composer/writer, vocalist, musician, author, arranger/producer and sound engineer, and I work alone and record and perform on all music instruments alone in my professional home music recording studio, L-Sound Studio, be it on piano or e-piano, e-harpsichord, e-clavichord, e-harp, e-violin - and my invention of e-violin to vocoder with Solina String Ensemble synthesizer for extended violin technique and my various new methods of playing not only with common bow but also with e-bow in neo-classical post-modern style of performing and materializing, as well as constantly composing never heard before music, and my favourite music instruments that I perform are the musical-note keyboards synthesisers, e-piano, as well as acoustic guitar and e-guitar, and I also perform on the electric percussion, i.e. on Simmons (since the late 1980s I have replaced my old SDS5 with an SDS7), Roland S-750 and EXS24 samplers for my self-created music instrument sound samples, and my 1979 invention the triggered noise oscillator into vocoder e-percussion. My music instruments and my professional home music recording equipment and production equipment are for my own use alone and not for hiring. The international film- and music-industry uses many pseudonyms and aliases for my works, i.e. 'Dejan Djordjevic' was used quite often in connection to TRON, etc. The woman of my dreams was Olivia Newton-John, since the 1980s, until the day I met the most beautiful woman with the most beautiful human mind ever born on planet Earth, my partner Carmit Ben Yehuda. (I was divorced twice, in 1997 and the 2nd and last time was 1st March 2005, and I haven't fathered a living child yet.) Although Bandizmo Internet Radio does play my music and promotes my works quite regularly since existed, apart from only a few exceptions I do not have any of my complex music works actually fully uploaded here or anywhere on any website because I am not rich to give my music works away for free, except for 58 seconds of my over 7 minutes long 1979 work MAURYA I uploaded here on this profile of mine on; and my 48 seconds long music work THE AVIATOR - PROLOGUE which is only an easy and quick intro as an instrumental Vector Synthesis synthesizer sound I uploaded to my other Bandizmo profile/website 

I have also self-released my unique self-made music videos on my personal facebook site featuring my 1979 composition MAURYA (video duration: 3 minutes 56 seconds), my 1974 composition ANGELS FALLING (excerpt video duration: 32 seconds), my 1980 composition DARK IN THE NIGHT (video duration: 9 minutes and 1 second), a link to my 1982 composition ELIZABETH'S EMPIRE II (video duration: 4 minutes 57 seconds which was uploaded by an English fanatic), my 2016 composition THE THREE DIMENSIONAL FOURTH DIMENSION - CHAPTER 29 (video duration: 24 minutes 14 seconds), and my 2017 composition THE THREE DIMENSIONAL FOURTH DIMENSION - CHAPTER 36 (video duration: 41 minutes 4 seconds). My works MAURYA, THE THREE DIMENSIONAL FOURTH DIMENSION - CHAPTER 29, and THE THREE DIMENSIONAL FOURTH DIMENSION - CHAPTER 36 can also be heard and seen on my personal YouTube channel My music composer/writer main CAE number is 773291422, my 1rst registered composition was my song A BEAUTIFUL DREAM FOR CHRISTMAS in late 1968 when I was a three years old genius boy composer. And later in 1979 I started composing/writing performing and recording the first chapters of my epic multi-chapters work I named THE THREE DIMENSIONAL FOURTH DIMENSION, that, including all chapters and sub-chapters, is over 13 hours long and includes parts I composed as early as 1968 when I was a three years old genius boy. There were never any other musicians involved in my materialized music works as recording studio versions, those session musicians are being pushed into me by the corrupt and criminal music industry in order to help promote their entertainment "VIP stars" (only a bunch of meaningless but hyped arseholes), and usually I was hardly ever mentioned as the actual creator and initial composer/writer behind hundreds of famous music works of mine; and yet even thousands of works, but to give at 1rst an example: the sound track to the Hollywood film 'Dances With Wolves' that I composed many years earlier and I named it ROMANCE IN BLUE, and bad enough to not have been mentioned as the composer and writer but I never even received any royalties for it. How late the corrupt music industry stole my music compositions in an obvious criminal way is yet more shocking, my 1970's music works MAURYA, BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES AGAIN, and ROMANCE IN BLUE were slaughtered and salvaged for film soundtracks like 'Dances With Wolves', 'Star Wars' (mixed into Chopin's 'Funeral March'), in the 1980s into adaptations like "Jump" by Van Halen, and later in the 1990s still into an adaptation for some cheap commercial Robbie Williams poptune. During the 1980's my 1982 composition ELIZABETH'S EMPIRE that I dedicated to my mother was 1rst raped into the Nazi-Punk "Ultravox" poptune 'Hymn' by the guys who in 1982 ostensibly "helped me" arrange my complex neo-classical compositions into commercial pop songs, as they called it what in fact was pure theft of my works of music they turned into commercial audible fastfood for the mainstream; and those "Ultravox" Hooligan guys and their henchmen are making me very unhappy since decades by for example overflooding my life with spy technology in order to steal my creations; and in early 1982 they stole a safety copy 24 track tape and went to George Martin's 'Air Studios' later that same year 1982 where they re-mixed my works with other lead vocals and punked up negativism lyrics. They even claimed my work THE SINKING that I also composed/wrote and performed as well as sung entirely alone and recorded it alone in my own home music recording studio L-Sound Studio. As if that wasn't bad enough and that what a commercial music band called "Toto" from US America did with my 1973 composition AFRICA in 1982 (having successfully taken a couple of my chorus-line harmonies in re-arranged form for "their chorus", plus thought they were clever enough to sell to the mass lyrics which instead of my way stating that there's starvation in Africa - no bread and no water, that the sky is not only literally blue, stating that the sky ain't as green as the grass: "never rains in Africa"), that after I was informed that some entertainer musician called Ljubiša Stojanović or Љубиша Стојановић from Leskovac/Niš/Yugoslavia also released a cracked version of my 1973 work AFRICA (I had also registered with the GEMA in my name as AFRIKA and as AFRICA-OH-AFRICA); and to top that injustice and make it yet more worse multiplied satans Ure and Geldof also stole my 1973 composition AFRICA and rearranged and re-recorded my song into what they called "their charity song" in December 1984, thus passed it on to some musicians who were known as "Marillion" for "their song Kayleigh" (also clearly yet another hacked version of my original 1973 composition AFRICA). Especially Midge Ure should have been watched closesly by the law after he took a whole album full of my works in early 1982 for the "Ultravox Quartet" album later in summer 1982, as he and his three henchmen also made an adaption and hacked version of my 1983 composition DIJANA and turned it into "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" in 1984; later that same horrible person made an adaption of my 1969 composition ANGEL DUST and released it as "If I Was" in 1985 (my late friend Manfred Freiler who once performed it with me live on acoustic guitars and vocals in Mundingen in 1971 for a mono tape recording must have been rotating in his grave). Then my song Elizabeth's Empire was re-used by some American disc jockeys for the 2nd TRON film soundtrack in 2010, while another 1980's work of mine I named NIGHTFALL (CHAPTER IV) was salvaged for some 1998 Natalie Imbruglia carpet-pop-romantic tune, not to mention the complete entertainer Robbie Williams stealing my work MAURYA yet again and ON THE SUN SIDE. And do I have to mention my early 1980's work FALL ANGEL FALL? Ach, nims halt. One does not cry for oneself, I never cried for myself, not even when a bunch of Englishborn female human cockroaches known as 'Allsaints' stole my song IT'S ABOUT TIME. And all those entertainers and arrangers, come along more like criminal thugs and butchers, have one more thing in common, they neither mentioned me as the initial music composer and creator of what they claim is 'their stuff' nor did they pay me my appropriate royalties. That is only the tip of the mount of their temptation. British Police are morally not correct and endangered to have become a dictatorship of Satanic evil and support those gypsyfascist Nazi-punk thugs and thieves (i.e. "That man stole daddy's car"), yet they may torture and murder for those deranged idiotic twits in power here on planet Earth. I wait for judgement day and pray to God to help me as I am his beloved human angel. However, at the beginning of the new Millennium my 1970s music composition work was again mixed into Chopin's 'Funeral March' with the movies 'Star Wars Episode I, II, and III, released between 2001 until 2005, and my instrumental version of my 1979 composition BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES AGAIN was used right there as well, and I do not want to belittle the abilities and achievements of orchestra leader and conductor John Williams as he is an old fox (gelinde ausgedrueckt) and old foxes cannot be caught, scheitert aber ganz gewiss an sich selbst. Well, I am an ovo-lacto-fish vegetarian anyway and not a cannibal, but they should have approached me appropriately and not simply spied at me and sucked me out like ticks/Zecken. 'Star Wars Episode 7' was released in December 2015 in all cinemas, and surely they were going to sell the film on DVD and Blu ray and many other forms of media as well to make yet more millions and millions of cash while neither giving me my rightful credits as the initial composer of the works featured nor paying me my rightful royalties for my creations. Instead of reacting to my invoices they corruptly pretended to have never received these; and "Star Wars Rogue One" is actually my 1981 composition RAGE IN ASIA that I performed live on several of my showcase concerts in the early 1980s, also in late 1981 in the former West-German Disco nightclub "Starlight" in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The US American film industry and ASCAP is refusing to pay my invoices and royalties and is feasting on my original music compositions, while I neither get a mention nor my royalty payments appropriately. And as they keep stealing my music works even for seemingly 'harmless' films like "March Of The Penguins" where they salvaged my 1984 composition NEW LIFE and dared to name some complete criminal twit as if the music composer, then at least stop being so cruel and sensation gay and at least throw a little bit of ovo-lacto-fish vegetarian food to starving warmblooded beings and stop using that satanic ray austin (radioactive gammaray out of a tin, or as some call it 'tinned food') at the warmblooded creatures you film to portray for example birds falsely as if they are cannibals murdering and eating other birds; not to mention your criminal act of filming "Dolphin Tale" where you dare to cover up idiotic people using ropes to be pulled by poor trustfully dolphins until their fins get ripped off. You sort of self-inflicted what you called '9/11' because even the most pervert evil monsters in human bodies have a psyche that from time to time suffers from compunction when having to see their own front part of their heads in a mirror. I am a heterosexual man. My music works are like my babies or lambs and nobody has the right to steal them from me, especially those entertainers and arrangers featured by the film- and music-industries who steal my babies and lambs only to turn them into commercial fast-food for the hellish masses. The Yankees may have self inflicted 9-11 on 11.9.2001 only for Schillerstr. 9-11 in 1971 to steal what by right is mine, but that in their film 'Cold Mountain' they went as far back as 1968 when I was three and created my song A BEAUTIFUL DREAM FOR CHRISTMAS on a red accordeon I used to have, that is almost like rape and theft beyond good or bad. In addition, knowing that my half-sister Pamela Hicks (*born in 1929) as well as I, Deian Mountbatten (*born in 1965), are the last of a dying aristocracy Mountbatten, I am shocked how irresponsible people are allowing themselves by the dozens of idiotic twits to pose in our surname on for example where I have my personal website and am constantly bugged by all sorts of other ladies and gentlemen using our surname to socialise (apart from that, my 1rst Christian name Deian is a male only name meaning the soul of God - and God too is male not female). Sadly my half-sister Patricia Knatchbull died on 13 June 2017 at her age of 93 years old. I prefer all my own quotes, especially, Vi ste agresivni fasisticki pankeri, when I had to shout it in Serbian language into a horde of aggressive English Hooligans, no doubt a collective Satan as they are, who wouldn't listen to my words of peace and love during a visit to the Black Forest in a venue where only moments earlier I was on the piano performing live alone and unplugged my own music compositions. Nero was laying next to my feet by the piano bothering nobody. That was many years ago on my visits to Germany in summer 2005, and 2007, and again in 2008. I was told by primitive super aggressive shithumans Abschaum der Menschheit asking me why I'd wear German clothes and not one of my Scottish kilts as I usually do, then they got pushy and loud asking why I spent money for new clothes in Germany when I was the one who composed the anti-war song The Germans Are Scum, and I composed many other anti-war songs where Germany even gets nuked in the lyrics only in order to make people think what if. They ganged up to physically attack and hurt my now dead dog Nero 'NeckiVickers' and me for no obvious reason. They 'justified' their attacks with, "yes you have and we want what you have", "You are not a Mountbatten", and some of them even spoke German almost as good as I. I don't hate anyone, I try to avoid aggressive human beings wherever I can and I am forced by aggressive Hooligans and suppressed aggressive office chair assassins to live a life in constant fear, to wear my bulletproof vest under my shirts or jumpers. Those monsters are part of the civilized human society. I hate violence, and I opposed violence throughout my life all the way, but I have been made a target by paedophile international rings who act in their Satanic evil even at home in Great Britain as well as overseas in mainland Europe, pervert psychopaths and thugs fetish of their own hatred and driven by their immoral dysfunction, by their own greed to even morally rape me although I am not a kid anymore for them to rape me and abuse and entirely erase my basic human rights for no reason whatsoever. I do not allow anyone to claim my music works in order to rob me my hard earned royalties, and I had to defend myself physically too by singing and performing my music works against such violent human beings, and that is why I never used my hands for anything but to safe life, to do good and help all warm blooded beings and mammals in need wherever I find them or they find me. I never have used a weapon to hurt someone, not even a knife, and I do not have a weapon. Weapons are evil, no matter in whose hands weapons are. Having used my foot in order to try and keep aggressive Hooligan hackers at a distance by using my musical-note foot-pedal for longer sustain of my e-piano music notes is a perfectly justifiable way of self-defense when one has been pushed with the back to the wall and one cannot run away anymore, otherwise I always run to escape violent thugs. I work hard in my life as a self-employed music composer and no-one has the right to steal my creations from me and spend my money. Some punks did it to me back in the 1980s, but they should not have been allowed to do that. Then the ultra violent attacks against me and my now dead dog Nero here in the United Kingdom in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 almost being murdered in my own back garden on 5th November 2012 and just escaped unharmed some Shepway born Cockney-gobbing human monster who tried to stab me to death, then 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and still now as I type my words in 2017. The creative mind of mine is stronger than the gun, stronger than the butcher knife, or even stronger than the fists of an aggressive thug, my white vest of innocence and truth is stronger than their bags of lies. And eating meat of warm blooded beings and mammals is cannibalism and all meat eaters are constantly at war against this beautiful planet Earth and by eating meat they support violence and are filled with testosterone from eating meat. And remember that also all birds, including chicken, are made of flesh and blood like humans and are warmblooded beings just like humans, and were in fact the very 1rst mammals on Earth too, 300 million years ago, and they have a soul, just like humans should have one, and just like all warm blooded beings and mammals do have a true soul. And in relation meat-flesh consumption is murdering our beautiful planet Earth at the age of a ten years old child, in comparison, while planet Earth could have seen the age of a hundred years old adult. If one would say that homosexuality is a satanic mental illness and in the same area of the brain of those mentally ill as paedophilia and sadomasochism and the need to derive pleasure from torturing others, then they would be put together with groups of civilized humans they may not have wanted to be put in with; therefore, no matter how correct that statement is, they are a minority, and calumny against any minority is morally not an option, and therefore they have to be accepted like all minorities in our civilized society in a non-racist way. Beautiful planet Earth is 4.543 billion years old and her life expectancy is 46 billion years, but ruled by evil leaders with non-human spider-souls who lie to us with humbug like suicide that we all know never existed as it always was murder for them to gain materialistically and so gain power to rule us humans and rule this planet, are taking my beautiful planet Earth 40 billion years into the future for execution. I cannot allow that to happen. Yours sincerely, Mr. Deian Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas George Mountbatten, self-employed music composer, vocalist, musician, author, producer/arranger and sound engineer. 27 Dale Street, Cambois, NE24 1SB, United Kingdom of Great Britain. I never had a Twitter account. My Facebook website address is:
I have one more Bandizmo profile/website here on