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Member - Victoria Lee (Singer/Songwriter)

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17 Jul 2009
17 Jul 2009


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Victoria Lee

iZMO: R&B/Funk
Sub iZMO: Alternative Funk

Victoria Lee
Who is Victoria Lee?...I’ll tell you who…

Victoria Lee, a 28 year old Philadelphia native, is first and foremost a god-fearing mother of three, But after that, a soulful, conscious performer that has the voice of an angel with the delivery of a python. Starting at the tender age of four years old, Victoria has been singing basically all her life, in various church choirs and just about any song she heard on the radio.

Victoria faced many hardships in her life including homelessness at one point and some very trying breakups and found that music was the perfect outlet to healing. “Never give up, Never Give in Cause if you give up you’ll never Win”, is a very famous phrase you will hear from this soon to be legend.

Performing with a group formed by family members called Family Risin’ was her first step into singing professionally. Victoria and her two uncles James and David who formed the group, started to make a name for themselves in 1999 with an epic performance at a Germantown Unity Day. The performance was so memorable, they were asked to return the following year. “It was a pinnacle moment in my life”, says Victoria looking back. “It made me realize my full potential.”

Since those wonderful years of “Family Risin”, Victoria has since shared the stage with the Master of Reggae, Richie Stevens, world renowned Gospel artist Dr. Carlene Davis, the likes of Sam Archer, and local artists such as Kraft the Legacy, City Lights, Triple Threat, Spoken Word and S5 to name a few. She has even been able to rub elbows with Timberland’s New Artist Izza Kizza, when he visted Philly at her home. “It was an unbelievable experience. It was humbling, He’s awesome!!” comments Victoria.
Performing professionally all over the Tri- State, Victoria has been very busy in 2008. She performed at the New Jersey Caribbean Festival and also The Philadelphia Caribbean Festival at Penn’s Landing just in August where there was, we are told, over 30,000 people in attendance this year.


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