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17 Jul 2009
17 Jul 2009


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Kamar Johnson

iZMO: Reggae
Sub iZMO: Dancehall

“Kamar British”
Kamar Ricardo Johnson aka (Kamar British) was born to his parents Beryle Richards and Hudson Johnson on May 28, 1980 in Cap-burn-pen Kingston Jamaica. Kamar resided in Jamaica with his mother for twelve year. He is the third eldest of four children. I was raise in church, had to be there whether I wanted to are not every Sunday. I as a young man at the age of eleven, I used to sneak out the house to attend stage show and dancehall, to see artist like Super-cat, Josey Wale, Admiral Bailey, Bounty Killa and Beanie Man in their younger days. I left Jamaica in 1992 to live with my father in the United States of America.
I furthered my education in the Philadelphia school system. I have always had a passion for music, I love to sing and dance. At the age of fifteen I started to writing songs, such as Mother Earth, Educate the youth them, Foot print and many more. After years of writing I decided to carry on my career as a Reggae artist. In 1997 I met with producers such as James Quake aka Blue, and Angelo aka LoLo Rachi. That is when I got the opportunity to work within studio, and then I came up with the stage name Du-Reck. In the year 2000 I began doing talent shows, performing in clubs, and festivals. In 2003 I open the shows for artist like Sanchez and Larry White. Then in 2007 I meet with manager CO-Gregory Campbell aka DJ Scripture from WKDU 91.7FM radio station, where my song has been playing on a weekly base and on the World Wide Web WKDU.ORG. I am in the middles working on songs with Artist Hemprise I and El-Feco. I was feature in the AM New York News paper on June 21, 2007 for a show I did in New York. In July 17, 2007 he was a guess artist to perform at the Caribbean festival in Camden New Jersey 2007 and 2008. In 2008 with world recording artist Kerwin Dubois, Blessed Noble, and more and August 12, 2007 and Aug 17, 2008 perform at the Caribbean festival in Philadelphia with Richie Stevens and more.