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Member - Artill aka Mr.456 (Band who writes own material)

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17 Jul 2009
19 Jul 2009


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Artill aka Mr.456

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: East Coast Hip Hop

What do you get when you blend together the Arrogance of Brooklyn, New York, The griminess of Jersey city,Nj and the Southern Influence of Harrisburg,PA? None other than 21 year old rapper/songwriter/artist Sean "Artill" Bellamy.At first glance, Artill just seemed to be another kid with hopes of being famous and making it out of the ghetto, but given a chance to get personal with him you'll see diffrent. " Growing up in Jersey city was rough, and to the untrained eye it would seem to be nothing but negative,i feel as if i can change that opinion and show the world that you can take a diamond out the dirt and make it shine..theres also more diamonds in the dirt than you would think...u jus gotta keep diggin.and even tho ive been outta jersey for sum time i still scream it out as much as i can,because that will forever be my home, and it will forever be my duty to make it pop", says Artill. He was always a good student in school, but two subjects that he always found interesting was language arts and music. He respected the art of poetry and loved to blend it with the art of music. At age 8 he bought his first rap record and instantly fell in love with hiphop. at age 12, after discovering he to had the ability to produce his own lyrics with his on rhythm,he started writing verses of his own. For the next couple of years he spent his time harvesting his new found talent. At age 14 he stepped into his first live battle in front of a large crowd. "Nervous wasn't the word" says Artill "i remember just thinking, ' damn till, this is it, are you sure you ready for this?.i just knew i had to win palms sweaty and everything, thats just how important it was to me at the time." After he started rhyming and noticed the crowd had a pleased reaction the rest was history. Now equipped with an arsenal of well thought lyrics and a large amount of confidence, he was ready to take it to the next level. At age 16 artill and his family moved down to Harrisburg, pa."I definitely was pissed for a WHILE.i didn't wanna just leave my hood you know,at the time i was young and i didn't realize what my moms was trying to do. For the longest i refused to make new friends and everything..but after i while i just accepted the fact that this was my new home" There he met up with friend and future label mate B-TRU. The two Clicked immediately and began working with ceo of Omerta-records mic Chiz." Tru and Mic, they was like the first 2 niggas i met out there that i could actually relate to,we all had the same ideas in mind,money,music and putting our hoods on our backs nahmean?" In 2005 Artill and truzzy scooped up highschool friends Doughboy,Shizz,mazon and kautious to form LCN. they released there first CD Birth of A dynasty the same year."What! we was jus teenagers in high school and we was selling dumb copies of the joint,damn near everybody in school had a copy even a couple teachers,we thought we were stars already"Laughs Artill. "those were the days." The crews run lasted for about a year. After taking a short break from music to finish school and managing personal issues including figuring a way out of the streets, artill then teamed up with his cousin Meano Raw to form KTGG, both blessed with the ability to minipulate words in a way so poetic yet so vigorous, that people have no choice but to take notice. the two then teamed up with Omerta records and its artist and together as a unit created a slight buzz for them selves throughout the states with performance after performance and winning competition after competition. artill later met up with no other than Former Universal Rec. recording artist and Phillys own Slumlord aka slizzy raw's Truth Music Group to And that Formed a Triple Alliance. Now with his new mixtape in the works, which is sure to be a classic, Artill strives to give his fans his all and you can be that you will be seeing and hearing ALOT more about him in the upcoming months Contact info Email Myspace


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