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Member - 80proof a.k.a illa instinct (Songwriter/Composer)

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02 Jan 2009
25 Jun 2013


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80proof a.k.a illa instinct

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Hardcore Hip Hop

''80Proof A.K.A Illa Instinct'' Raw, and Rugged! A SHARPENED RAZOR MOLDEDED INTO ONE OF THE ILLEST MUSCICAL ARTIST TO HIT AND REPRESENT THE UNDERGROUND SCENE''. So mused by one's sound, and to hit the nail on the head. 80proof A.K.A. Illa Instinct rank's out one impressive lyrical sound, combined with creativity that Hip-Hop has been missing and longing for. ''Razor sharp''. You know exactly when listening to the combination of production by Blacksymphany's beat's and 80proof, the style is immaculate. ''Not proud nor greedy'', A total underground fest is what you get. Curently working with Killarmy of Wu-Tang. 80proof is emerging as one of Arizona's finest underground artists.

Since working with Beretta 9 of Killarmy, 80proof A.K.A Illa Instinct has shared the stages with Raekwons crew ‘’Ice Water’’, and the clan itself in end of 2008. More shows are expected to form with Shyheim The Manchild, and with Beretta 9, for the year of 2009.

’’Arizona’s very own’’!
Now in works in releasing the anticipated single ''Raining'' Feat. Killarmy of (Wu-tang Killa beez). Expecting new music for 2009, comes as follow. ''Raining'' Ft. Killarmy. Along side with with-Shyheim The Manchild (Wu-Tang) And ''7th battalion ''Ft. Dom Pachino (Killarmy).

Backed by the best, 80proof has emerged as one talented artist. Residing curently with Bottom
Up Records as a solo artist. Home to, and C.E.O Shyheim The Manchild of Wu-tang. He as a solo artist is making his mark as one of the most impressive artistry that has been longed for by the people.

With such features with: Shyheim The Manchild, Dom Pachino of Wu-Tang Killarmy, Beretta 9 of Wu-Tang Killarmy, Shogun assasin of Wu-Tang Killarmy, Stumik of Ice Water. This is the start and rise of 80proof A.k.A Illa Instinct.

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